Series 8 – Connecting to God in Prayer

In my experience as a youth pastor, prayer was typically something everybody agreed was a great idea but few people actually ever took seriously…

In these six sessions we search out what the person we are praying to is like and try to catch a glimpse of what’s going on in that mysterious prayer space. Then we turn the focus onto some good, practical stuff about where, how and when prayer can come alive for us

Series Outline:

Introducing this series

Part 1: Who or what are we praying to?
1) So Who or What is it We’re Praying To?
A brief exploration of how we can understand the Trinity and seven words that describe the kind of life we draw near to when we pray.
2) The Relationship that Welcomes Us In
Exploring the amazing invitation we have to join the Relationship at the center of the Universe.
3) What Happens When we Pray?
How the Holy Spirit helps us to listen and speak to God by listening and speaking for us – and the freedom that gives our prayers.

Part 2: Exploring ways to help prayer come alive
4) Believe This or Not – God Delights in You
Prayer becomes enjoyable when we realise God delights in us, God hears us, and God loves to talk to us.
5) When Prayer Comes Alive
Some practical ideas for making personal prayer more enjoyable.
6) Help for Those Who Have Prayer A.D.D.
Some encouragement to keep praying when God seems silent

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