Series 6 – Grace, so much more than just what you don’t deserve

One of the paradoxes of living life with Jesus is that in order to get better at it we need to let go of our obsession with trying harder. A large part of that is about learning to receive and rely on grace as a free gift. Grace is not (just) about God treating us the way we don’t deserve. Grace is so much more – something invisible yet immensely powerful that brings life and lasting change to us. We access grace by putting ourselves in a position to receive it, and by choosing each day to do things that keep us in the flow of grace. We treat grace as something costly that demands things like repentance, discipline and efforts to show others what grace is doing in our world.

The Bible writers promised us that if we learn to rely on grace we will find ourselves surprised and encouraged at the change in our lives. We’ll start finding that we can do the things we want to do and not do the things we don’t want to do … It might seem as if there’s a whole new power and strength working inside us – which is exactly what grace – and this series – is about.






Linked articles will be posted by Dec 2014. Here’s the series outline for now

1) Grace that saved (and saves) us
Far more than just ‘getting what I don’t deserve’, Grace is about God’s presence and power in our lives that breathes new life into us and makes us truly human. Here’s a fresh take on a mysterious subject…

2) The power to be and become
Sometimes it seems like, no matter how hard we try, we just can’t change what we do or who we are – no matter how much we want to. The answer isn’t to keep trying harder – to truly change, we’ve got to allow God’s grace to work in us. How does that work? Here are some ideas …

3) Experiencing grace
Grace is invisible, but also immensely powerful. It’s not always easy tapping into that power. We have to be willing to let go of the control of our lives we hold on to so tightly, and sit back as God does His thing. Here’s how you could do that.

4) Cheap and costly grace
If we use grace as a ‘Get-Out-of-Jail-Free’ card we lose its power to really fix the stuff we’re struggling with. God’s grace is there to change you, not just take away your guilt. What does ‘costly’ grace look like? Check this out …

5) Making grace visible
What if we were able to see the beautiful swirling currents of grace when God is at work in the world around us? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Turns out that we are the Infra-red cameras that make the grace hot-spots visible to people who can’t see them. Here’s how you can be a better grace-bearer.

6) Celebrating grace at work in others too
It can be hard when grace is more visible in someone else’s life than ours. Here’s some help for dealing with that and how an old, old song can help us celebrate what God does – no matter whose life it’s in.

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