Series 5 – Six Things Jesus Invites us Into

This series homes in on the good things Jesus invites us into. When we’re faced with tough choices about how to live our lives – should I hang out with my smoking/drinking/hooking-up/atheist friends – we need a few things in our backpack: a magnetic, rich vision of what God calls us into; wisdom and insight into what things we just need to stay clear of; and a good idea of the bigger Story in which we find ourselves.

In this series we’re exploring 6 things that Jesus invites us into if we really want to experience the ‘eternal’ kind of life he’s got for us.


1) Come (as you are) … and see
Imagine Jesus is standing in front of you asking you what he could do for you. Where do you start?! The first people who got asked that gave a strange reply, what they heard then was even stranger – and incredibly awesome.

2) Stay connected to me … and you will do awesome things
‘Where is God?’ ‘I’ve been falling back into old ways and habits that I really wish I could get away from. What can I do?’
Jesus nails both the problem and the solution to these struggles with something he says in John 15.

3) Ask… and you will receive
Jesus says: Ask! Ask often; ask no matter how much or little faith you think you have; ask for anything – not just what you think are the correct things to ask for. How hard can that be? Well, …

4) Believe … and you’ll discover real life
If you believe what Jesus said is true and find ways to live that out, then Jesus’ promise is that you’ll begin to find your true identity and that you’ll encounter a whole new kind of life – the real one. Here’s what that’s like…

5) Let go of control … and you will find what you’re looking for
one of the main things Jesus invites us to do, goes against some of our deepest instincts: Let go. I’m not sure if it gets more scary than that. Here’s why you should totally do it…

6) Leave your sin behind … and you will find peace
When Jesus says ‘stop doing that!’  he’s not condemning you, he’s being merciful.  Stop trying to find what you long for in broken things. Here are some ideas about how we can do that.

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