Series 4 – The Promise

The Relationship Rescue plan that God put into place by making covenants with his people was never really going to work – as long as human beings were generally full of rebellion and empty on faith. No matter how easy or tough life got, people were never able to keep up their end of the covenant deal for very long. The breakdown in the relationship between God and his creation needed a radical fix. It needed a perfect, faithful human to keep our side of the deal. God had promised someone who would do that for hundreds of years. When the Promise arrived, it caught everyone by surprise. Hardly anyone expected THAT …






Linked articles will be posted by Dec 2014. Here’s the series outline for now

1) A Hero With the Least Likely Name and Outfit Ever – the Servant’s Story
Isaiah 52 and 53 reveal how God is going to bring all the crooked lines of peoples’ lives back to the way things God wants them. The Servant is going to come. When he’s done, life will never be the same again.

2) What if God was one of us?
Looking back afterwards no-one could admit that they had the slightest idea of what God was about to do. God became one of us so he would know what it’s like to live in a fragile body in a broken world. Here’s what that means for us …

3) Awesome things we totally didn’t expect
The gospel writers wrote stories to show people that what God had given them in Jesus was far more awesome than they could have expected in their wildest dreams. Here are a few of those stories …

4) A new kind of holiness
Back in those days the religious leaders made sure they were inside the ‘Holy group’ but there were a whole lot of people left stranded on the outside. Enter Jesus, the Holy One, God in the flesh, full of righteousness and grace. Guess which group he wanted to hang out with?

5) Peace with God – guilt and shame free
Imagine you really could relate to God without feeling guilty or embarrassed. That you could really encounter God and experience God’s peace. Jesus’ new Covenant makes all that possible. Here’s how …

6) Rise up: the beginning of a whole new reality
Jesus’ physical departure from earth after he rose from the dead leaves us with a few pretty big questions: where is Jesus now? What is he doing there? What does that mean for people who believe in him now? Here are a few thoughts…

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