Series 3 – Drawing Straight with Crooked Lines

Sin wrecks lives and relationships. Since the first act of human rebellion, God set in motion a plan to clean up the damage and restore peace and harmony by calling us to live in a Covenant relationship with him. It turns out that people are pretty bad at keeping Covenants with God. The good news is that God is still able to work with our distracted and fragile efforts, drawing out the straight line of his plan with the crooked paths of our lives. Here are 6 stories about how God does that…


1) Men Behaving Badly: David and Sons
Sin wrecks things. Sometimes the damage left by our bad choices is hard to remove. But God draws straight anyway and by grace makes us stronger in the broken places. David’s story is a bit like that. Check it out.

2) Faith in faithless times: Daniel and Friends
Here’s a story to encourage anyone who’s finding it tough to be a faithful Jesus-follower when it feels like not many others are interested in honouring God with their lives …

3) Here for such a time as this: Esther’s story
Does God seem to be missing when things are really getting tough? Here’s a story of a young girl’s courage and faithfulness and an unseen God who does big things through bold and faithful people.

4) A messenger likely to get shot: Isaiah’s Story
God used the Prophets to show people where their life choices were taking them. What Isaiah writes in the first chapter of his book is beautiful, harsh, shocking, sad, hopeful … pretty much like life today.

5) A Whore-wife and crazy kid names: Hosea’s story
Have you ever wondered how God views you? Hosea shows us that God knows we are unfaithful and too easily tempted, but God  will also do whatever it takes to bring us back – again and again.

6) When life is unfair and God is silent – Habakkuk’s Story
Here’s a story for anyone who’s scared and angry about the violence and injustice they see in the world –and who’s wondering where God is and what God is going to do about it.

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