Series 2 – Temptation and Brokenness

An Introduction for Leaders


1) What’s the deal with sin and evil?
How the human desire to take God’s place wrecked everything

2) Into temptation … short cuts, substitutes and cheap options
Why we keep trying to satisfy our deep desires with things that have nothing to do with God

3) What we lost – the relationship breakup
A look at how life with us trying to step into God’s shoes works – or doesn’t…

4) The Relationship Rescue Plan
Introducing covenants – the thing God uses to fix what got broken – and how that helps our faith now.

5) The Law – how to keep a Covenant 
What the Law was supposed to do, and not do, for us – and why we ultimately needed something more.

6) The Plan for When Laws get broken – sacrifice and atonement
Facing up to the serious consequences of sin – and how this helps us understand what Jesus eventually had to do

Extra Article:
What about the stuff I can’t seem to shake?
Some help with understanding why some temptations have such a deep hold on us. And what we can do about them.

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