Enter Life

Enter Life – a Discipleship Curriculum

Season 1: Tracking God's Story

Tracking God’s Relationship Rescue Plan
Here’s a story that explains where your deepest desires come from: the longing to know who you are and the hope that you’re ok; the desire to do something meaningful with your life; the longing for satisfying and intimate relationships. In this story we discover some good stuff about who God is, and how God is working to fix the mess this world is in…

Series 1 – Awesome God, Amazing You
Can you think of someone you know who doesn’t know at least a few things about the Creation story in Genesis? It’s a pretty universally known story – which isn’t bad for something written in ancient Hebrew thousands of years ago right? Problem is … a lot of people go looking for things in the story that the original writers never wanted to say much about. But … they did want to say some things about the ‘Who and Why’ of Creation: who God is, who we are, and what on earth we’re here for. What they have to tell us is life-changing …

1: You and that story in Genesis
2: God: just never quits creating
3: God: creating beauty out of chaos
4: God: speaking words that bless
5: Us: who am I really?
6: Us: what am I supposed to be doing here?
7: Us: made to need someone to love

Series 2 – Temptation and Brokenness
Have you ever wondered where evil came from? Did God create evil? Or was God powerless to stop evil from entering the world? Why did God put the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden and then tell Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit? If God knew how things were going to turn out, why did he keep going? How can we resist temptation? What’s the big deal about sin anyway – is it really as bad as they say it is? Are all sins equal? What can I do about the sins in my life I just can’t get rid of – no matter how hard I try or how many times I say sorry to God? What is God going to do about evil and sin? How can I get help and strength to resist temptation?

God’s Story doesn’t avoid these questions; in fact it tells us everything we need to know about temptation, sin and evil, how to keep from getting too damaged by it and what God is doing to rescue us from it. Here are 6 sessions that shine some light on a dark topic!

1: What’s the deal with sin and evil?
2: Into temptation….shortcuts, substitutes and cheap options
3: What we lost – the relationship breakup
4: The relationship rescue plan
5: The Law – how to keep a covenant
6: The plan for when laws get broken – sacrifice and atonement

Series 3 – Drawing Straight with Crooked Lines
Sin wrecks lives and relationships. Since the first act of human rebellion, God set in motion a plan to clean up the damage and restore peace and harmony by calling us to live in a Covenant relationship with him. It turns out that people are pretty bad at keeping Covenants with God. The good news is that God is still able to work with our distracted and fragile efforts, drawing out the straight line of his plan with the crooked paths of our lives. Here are 6 stories about how God does that…

1: Men behaving badly: David and sons
2: Faith in faithless times: Daniel and friends
3: Here for such a time as this: Esther’s story
4: A messenger likely to get shot: Isaiah’s story
5: A whore-wife and crazy kid names: Hosea’s story
6: When life is unfair and god is silent – Habakkuk’s story

Series 4 – The Promise
The Relationship Rescue plan that God put into place by making covenants with his people was never really going to work – as long as human beings were generally full of rebellion and empty on faith. No matter how easy or tough life got, people were never able to keep up their end of the covenant deal for very long. The breakdown in the relationship between God and his creation needed a radical fix. It needed a perfect, faithful human to keep our side of the deal. God had promised someone who would do that for hundreds of years. When the Promise arrived, it caught everyone by surprise. Hardly anyone expected THAT …

1: A hero with the least likely name and outfit ever
2: What if God was one of us?
3: Awesome things we totally didn’t expect
4: A new kind of holiness
5: Peace with God – guilt and shame free
6: Rise up: the beginning of a whole new reality

Season 2: God's Life-changing Invitations

Some wise people have said that will power is not a very reliable source of energy to keep us moving forward into becoming the people God made us to be. However, a compelling and exciting vision that draws us forward is a great energy source to keep us going even when we encounter obstacles. This season is about seeing that vision and the good and life-giving things God invites us into.

Series 5 – Six Things Jesus Invites us Into
This series homes in on the good things Jesus invites us into. When we’re faced with tough choices about how to live our lives – should I hang out with my smoking/drinking/hooking-up/atheist friends – we need a few things in our backpack: a magnetic, rich vision of what God calls us into; wisdom and insight into what things we just need to stay clear of; and a good idea of the bigger Story in which we find ourselves.

In this series we’re exploring 6 things that Jesus invites us into if we really want to experience the ‘eternal’ kind of life he’s got for us.

1: Come (as you are) … and see
2: Stay connected to me…and you will do awesome things
3: Ask… and you will receive
4: Believe … and you’ll discover the real life
5: Let go of control … and you will find what you are looking for
6: Leave your sin behind … and you will find peace

Series 6 – Grace: So much more than just what you don’t deserve
One of the paradoxes of living life with Jesus is that in order to get better at it we need to let go of our obsession with trying harder. A large part of that is about learning to receive and rely on grace as a free gift. Grace is not (just) about God treating us the way we don’t deserve. Grace is so much more – something invisible yet immensely powerful that brings life and lasting change to us. We access grace by putting ourselves in a position to receive it, and by choosing each day to do things that keep us in the flow of grace. We treat grace as something costly that demands things like repentance, discipline and efforts to show others what grace is doing in our world.

The Bible writers promised us that if we learn to rely on grace we will find ourselves surprised and encouraged at the change in our lives. We’ll start finding that we can do the things we want to do and not do the things we don’t want to do … It might seem as if there’s a whole new power and strength working inside us – which is exactly what grace – and this series – is about.

1: Grace that saved (and saves) us
2: Grace – the power to be and become
3: Experiencing grace
4: Cheap and costly grace
5: Making grace visible
6: Celebrating grace at work in others too

Series 7 – God’s Vision for You
Introduce your youth to 100% pure Jesus Genius. Six sessions on Matthew 5-7, Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

1: The ones who rock in God’s world
2: Go on, get out there
3: More righteous than the righteous pro’s
4: The one about anger, lust and hating evil people
5: Get to know your (heavenly) father
6: Everything you need to know in 11 words

Series 8 – Connecting to God in Prayer
In my experience as a youth pastor, prayer was typically something everybody agreed was a great idea but few people actually ever took seriously…

In these six sessions we search out what the person we are praying to is like and try to catch a glimpse of what’s going on in that mysterious prayer space. Then we turn the focus onto some good, practical stuff about where, how and when prayer can come alive for us

Part 1: Who or what is it we’re praying to?
1: Who or what is it we’re praying to?
2: The Relationship that welcomes us in
3: What happens when we pray?

Part 2: Exploring ways to help prayer come alive
4: Believe this of not: God delights in you
5: When prayer comes alive
6: Help for those who have prayer A.D.D